They got it stamped, too!
Creative Baby Passport
Credit: Malachi Ray Rempen

This might be the sweetest baby announcement ever. A Reddit user posted about how he and his wife found out she was pregnant two days before leaving on a trip to Japan. To mark the occasion, he made a miniature passport to take with them on their journey.

“I'm American, my wife's Italian, and we live in Berlin ... and just found out we're pregnant,” wrote LeJavier. “We love to travel, and we were about to leave on a trip for Japan and Abu Dhabi, so I figured I ought to make the little creature its own passport.”

He cut up an expired German passport and made it into the mini passport the night before leaving. He used the ultrasound image as the passport photo, and used the name “Beany Baby,” since he/she was the size of a bean.

Creative Baby Passport
Credit: Malachi Ray Rempen

The couple also got it stamped.

“In Japan, they have free stamps at most tourist sites,” the dad-to-be wrote.

Then on their way back from Tokyo to Europe, they stopped in Abu Dhabi and asked the customs agent to stamp the tiny passport, and he obliged.

The baby will soon get more stamps, as the couple is planning a trip to Denmark and Sweden next month.

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw