She knows just what to pack.

By Christie Calucchia
November 04, 2019
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Mindy Kaling, like all seasoned travelers, has her own tried and true in-flight rituals. Recently, the actress, writer, and producer revealed a few of her favorite carry-on essentials on her Instagram Stories while flying from Los Angeles to New York City, providing her followers with some great tips along the way.

According to the quick video, the first thing Kaling does when she arrives at her seat is wipe down every visible surface with a pack of travel-sized Lysol wipes. Naturally, the comedian made it a point to reference Naomi Campbell’s hilarious airport routine YouTube video, in which the model is adamant about disinfecting her seat, going so far as to use latex gloves while cleaning her first-class pod.

Once Kaling’s space was as clean as possible, she settled in to begin a bit of in-flight skincare. For her, that meant applying a Twilight Face Mask from Joanna Vargas. She proudly donned the sheet mask mid-flight in order to reap the benefits of its deep conditioning formula.

With key ingredients like niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3 with anti-inflammatory properties) and an epidermal growth factor to stimulate skin cell growth, the moisturizing mask hydrates and soothes the skin. It’s just what your skin needs to combat dehydrating conditions during a long flight. Plus, the mask also reduces the appearance of fine lines and large pores as an added bonus.

To use the mess-free mask, simply remove it from its pouch and apply the moistened side to clean, dry skin for an easy and relaxing in-flight facial. After 15 to 20 minutes you can take it off and massage any remaining serum into the skin for a hydrated, refreshed appearance when you land.

Take Kaling’s advice and stock up on disinfecting wipes and hydrating face masks before your next flight.

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