This Meteorologist's Super-simple Hack for Packing a Bulky Winter Jacket Is Genius

It'll free up so much space in your suitcase.

As far as winter packing hacks go, there's no one you can trust more for advice than a meteorologist.

Nathan Coleman from The Weather Network recently shared a quick tutorial on how to pack an extra parka on your cold-weather vacation like a pro.

"Finding real estate in your closet can be tough during the winter months with big coats crowding the space," he begins. "If you're packing for a ski trip, one parka can take up the whole suitcase."

He goes on to point out that, as we all know, wearing a bulky jacket on a road trip can be hot and uncomfortable. So instead, he offered a little advice on how to minimize its impact on your luggage.

"You need to think of your parka as a sleeping bag or tent," he says. And here's the best part for those who are a part of the "rolling vs. folding" wars: According to Coleman, you need to both fold and roll your parka to make it fit.

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"First, it's one arm in and the other arm in," he says as he folds the parka. "And then you're going to make one fold in, followed by another fold in," he continues as he folds the parka in thirds. "And then fold in half, press down, and this is when you roll."

He proceeds, in the video, to roll it up tight all the way to the hood. "And look, your hood is almost like a parka bag, so your parka should fit nice and snug in your hood."

"This is a little easier to lug around with ya," he says, "like a little football."

And, as a bonus if you're flying or sitting in the passenger seat on a road trip, this new balled-up jacket could make for an ideal pillow, too. See more of Coleman's work and advice on his Twitter page.

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