This Teacher's Super Simple Hack for Making Face Masks More Comfortable Is Going Viral

These face mask brackets are an affordable way to stay healthy and comfortable.

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Let this story serve as a reminder that teachers are the world's greatest gift.

Georgia teacher Angie Madden took to Facebook recently to share her latest back to school tip, and it included a face mask hack that we can all use.

Madden explained in the now viral video, she was busy ordering her back-to-school supplies on Amazon when she came across a genius little product, the face bracket. In the video, Madden explained how it worked, noting it sits underneath any common mask to help it stay in place all day long. And clearly, people are loving the tip as it's been viewed over 14 million times, shared over 300,000 times and currently has more than 31,000 likes.

"To all my teacher friends, I ordered the coolest thing on Amazon. You stick it on your face, and you put your mask on, and when you wear it it keeps your mask off your face," Madden explained in the video. "So you can hear me clearly, I'm not breathing my mask in, and my mask doesn't move off my face. I wore it all day. I didn't have any issues. It looks really weird but it's amazing."

The comments section quickly filled with praise for the teacher, with many writing her with thanks for bringing the product to their feeds. But, as Madden told TODAY, the face mask accessory isn't just for teachers.

"One of the other reasons that I bought it is my husband works in a plant and it can get very noisy, so in order for him to talk to people he would pull his mask down. I'm worried for him since he's diabetic and is in a high-risk group," she said. "I hope it helps all kinds of people."

The only caveat to the face mask bracket is to ensure your mask still fits snuggly over your face. But, if it helps make your mask a bit more comfortable and palatable to wear all day than go for it. Want to try one yourself? Here are three mask bracket options available on Amazon right now.

Oceantree Mask Bracket

The Oceantree bracket is specifically designed to help make masks more comfortable for kids. The mask has tiny loops inside to thread the mask through and is designed to sit on a smaller face.

To buy:, $13/pack of five

Hualedi Face Bracket

The Hualedi mask comes with a comfortable nasal pad and ergonomic shape, which the company says can help save a person's lipstick wear all day long.

To buy:, $17/pack of five

Come2Look Face Bracket

The Come2Look bracket is made with silicon, making it easy to mold to individual faces. It too comes in varying sizes for different face frames.

To buy:, $11/pack of five

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