Margot Robbie on Australian Slang
Credit: VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Before you book your next ticket to Australia, let Margot Robbie teach you the difference between your “chunders” and your “bludgers” and other important bits of Aussie slang. It’s a good way to avoid “spitting the dummy” when you don’t understand your tour guide.

In a “ripper” of a new video from Vanity Fair, the “hard yakka” star of films like The Big Short and Wolf of Wall Street explains everything from the difference between “dunnys” and “durrys,” whether or not you should try “chucking a sickie,” or who to call if you get a “pash rash.”

Robbie is a talented teacher and in under four minutes you’ll be “frothing” to try out Australian slang this “arvo” — or at least know enough Aussie argot to avoid looking like a “dag” when you’re offended that your dive instructor asks if you brought “thongs” to wear on the boat.

If during your travels someone references a “doovalacky” don’t be alarmed. Even Robbie doesn’t know that one.