For the love of pizza, please call a cab.

EKAP63 Domino's pizza delivery car sign - USA
Credit: © B Christopher / Alamy Stock Photo

What do you do if you’re about to miss your plane?

If you’re Quinn McElwain, a 21-year-old tourist in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you steal the first pizza delivery car you see and make haste to the airport before your pals even notice.

Over the weekend, Mashable’s Jessica Plautz reported on the strange scenario. McElwain’s friends reported him missing from the Elk Country Inn on Wednesday, at the same time a Pizza Hut driver reported his car stolen from outside the hotel.

In a rush to catch a flight to Chicago, McElwain hopped in the idling Toyota SUV­—with, presumably, someone else’s pizza in tow. By the time authorities realized what had happened, McElwain was already en route.

While it’s unclear whether or not McElwain will be extradited back to Wyoming, the pizza delivery driver caught a lift from local policemen and was reunited with his car the following day.

We have lots of questions. Why did McElwain have to leave in such a rush? Couldn’t he have called a cab, or a car-sharing service? And, most importantly, what ever happened to all those pizzas that weren’t delivered? We may never know.