By Erika Owen
July 09, 2015
Why Do Airplanes Dim Lights on Takeoff?
Credit: Vicki Beaver / Alamy

Last week, airplane seat recliners around the world found (theoretical) justice when Shane Mathew Diedrichs—a 38-year-old traveler who decided to pick a fight with another traveler last November—was given a $400 fine in court for his mid-flight actions. According to a write-up on Mashable, Diedrichs was on a Virgin Australia flight from Wellington to Brisbane when he received a rude response after asking the person in front of his to move his seat up. The crime: pushing, kneeing, and kicking a fellow passenger's seat so vigorously the person complained of having whiplash.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it's easier (and cheaper) to just let the person recline.

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