Why Tourists Looking for Major Attractions and Local Gems Alike Should Be Using This All-in-one Pass

Tourists enter the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. . Photo: Getty Images

The Go City pass, a gateway to multiple tourist attractions through a one-ticket purchase, may have all the answers when it comes to creating a city itinerary — filled with both staple attractions and hidden gems — on your next trip.

“We’re definitely seeing a move towards [travelers] doing something slightly off the beaten track or slightly quirkier things in a city,” Leisure Pass Group CEO, Jon Owen, told Travel + Leisure. “We’re seeing some of the things around the fringe — walking tours, bike rentals [for] going around on your own speed, and we’re seeing quite a few things having to do with food, so cooking classes or culinary tours, becoming more popular.”

The pass provides perks like discounted entry to attractions and dining options in 24 cities worldwide. Different versions offer itineraries for long weekends or 10-day trips that can be completely curated by the company or customized by the traveler.

Go City, the consumer product of Leisure Pass Group, also launched its app in the beginning of 2020, giving customers even easier access to the cities they’re visiting.

“Just on a phone you can go to a city and you can have everything from finding out what's there; stuff that's famous and also stuff that's really off the beaten track and through the same app start to build an itinerary and how you want to explore the city,” Owen said. “Then also use the app to get into the attraction and make sure that you can skip the line and book restaurants and things like that — so it’s really helping people book the best city vacation they've ever had.”

In New York City, customers can choose from the Explorer Pass that offers up to 50 percent off entry to up to 10 iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. Currently on sale, travelers heading to NYC can score a 10-attraction adult pass for $229 instead of $270 until Feb. 26. A three-attraction adult pass is regularly priced at $94.

Owen noted that a three-attraction pass is the most popular product.

There's also a flexible "Build Your Own" itinerary that has no limit on the amount of attractions. Sightseers can choose attractions on an individual basis, adding each place or tour to a shopping cart.

Not-so-typical New York City attractions that participate with the Go City pass include a Gossip Girl-themed bus tour and multiple food-themed tours throughout the five boroughs.

Physical tickets aren't required for individual attractions; users can show their pass at the entry point or beginning of an excursion.

And while hot spots like London and New York City remain staple cities for Leisure Pass, the tourism group is looking into expanding into more Asian cities. After establishing passes in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the company unveiled their Bangkok offering earlier this month, complete with 23 attractions or tours.

“Bangkok may not be what you think of when you think of attractions in a typical western sense, but there’s a lot to do [including] city tours and river trips around floating markets and night tours, we’re really excited about that potential market,” Owen told T+L.

Stateside, Leisure Pass has seen an uptick in visits to San Antonio, Texas.

“It’s becoming much more cosmopolitan with some great food options and a really nice city to walk around,” Owen said.

In Las Vegas — which recently launched a new slogan — Owen said the pass gives tourists a chance to see beyond city stereotypes.

“In Vegas, everyone knows about the shows and the casinos,” Owen said. “But there's really some interesting things to do in Vegas as well, and the success we’ve had is just showing that you don’t have to wait by the pool all day for the shows or the casinos at night, you can actually do some really interesting things during the days and at night to make a full vacation day.”

Wherever you go and whatever your age, there's something to fit your desired itinerary, and the new Go City app is making it easier than ever to see what's available, ensuring you end your trip feeling like a local.

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