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By Lindsey Campbell
June 10, 2016
Female Only Line Airport
Credit: Getty Images/AWL Images RM

There’s one in every group—that friend that leaves everything to the last minute. Whether it’s dinner plans or travel plans, pushing the deadline may give you a thrill but it can also give you a serious headache when trying to book a vacation. So, procrastinating travelers take note: these tips will help make the most of your getaway even if you’ve waited a little too long to book. Who knows, maybe you’ll even snag a last minute deal! [Trip Advisor]

Scuba diving is a must-try for travelers looking for a little seaside adventure. From sunken ships to lost treasures, some pretty amazing things can be seen at the bottom of the ocean. Here, take a look at the strangest dive sites around. [Telegraph]

Beer and history lovers alike, it’s time to head to Chicago. Why, you may ask? Because, the Chicago Public Library is hosting an exhibit all about the history of beer. "Beer Chicago: The Refreshing History,” will take a look back at the drinking, advertising and brewing of beer in the area. [ABC News]

In light of the recent State Department European Travel Alert and just in time for the Euro 2016 Soccer tournament, the French government has launched a terror alert app to help visitors stay safe. [Fox News]

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