We won't tell your boss.

Female at workstation in office
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

The mid-day work slump is real. Instead of focusing on productivity, it’s likely that your coworkers are researching their next vacation, according to KAYAK.

From 11 a.m. through noon, KAYAK says that searches for vacation travel spike. The travel search engine said that 57 percent of its survey respondents admitted to planning vacation while at the office. And despite the common sentiment that Mondays are the hardest day of the week, KAYAK says office workers are more likely to research their upcoming vacations on Tuesdays.

In an effort to make it easier to hide wanderlust at work, KAYAK developed a new desktop app that will turn your computer background into a search tool.

The app, Desktop Escape, will rotate a series of travel pictures as your computer’s desktop background. If an image piques your travel interest, click the app and it will report current airfare from your home airport to the destination. The app will also provide weather conditions and travel tips to help users do more research into their vacation destination.

But because the app was designed to blend into your computer desktop, your boss will never have to know that your mind is elsewhere.

Don’t let your boss “vacation shame” you into giving up your vacation days, but if you really can’t afford to give up many days, you can plan them strategically and turn 15 days off into 45 days of travel.