Assuming it ever takes off.

By Laura Lorenzetti /
August 27, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of XTI Aircraft Company

Think of it as an all-terrain aircraft: it can travel far and fast like a standard jet, but can take off and land with the precision of a helicopter.

That’s the vision of Denver, Colo.-based XTI Aircraft Company, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring its aerial innovation to life. The company is trying to raise up to $50 million to develop the first TriFan 600.

The still-hypothetical plane could theoretically seat up to six people. It would have three massive fans that would lift the aircraft off the ground, then rotate to provide forward thrust. Each TriFan 600 would go for between $10 million and $12 million, putting it solely in the domain of the wealthy. Still, the creators also see the aircraft being used for medical evacuations or tourism.

Credit: Courtesy of XTI Aircraft Company

You have some time to start saving your pennies. The plane won’t be on the market for years, Entrepreneur reports, assuming it ever secures funding and receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

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