This Charming Italian Town Will Pay You to Move There

Get paid to wake up to magnificent architecture and incredible food.

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A quaint Medieval town in Italy will now pay people to move there, according to CNN.

Nicola Gatta, the mayor of Candela, which is located in Puglia, told the publication that he wants to bring the town back to its glory days when its streets were filled with the hustle and bustle of the thousands of residents who lived there.

To do so, Gatta has decided to offer those interested in becoming residents of the town up to 2,000 euros (about $2,367) to move there.

“I work each day with passion and commitment to bring Candela back to its ancient splendor,” Gatta said in the interview. “Up until the 1960s, travelers called it Nap’licchie (Little Naples), for its streets full of wayfarers, tourists, merchants, and screaming vendors.”

The town offers Baroque architectural gems, lush hills and forests, and an array of homes that come with terraces and balconies just waiting to be filled.

To fill this gap, the initiative will provide 800 euros ($947) to single people moving to the town; 1,200 euros ($1,420) to couples moving in; 1,500 to 1,800 euros ($1,775 to $2,130) to families of three; and over 2,000 euros ($2,371) to families of four or five people.

Besides its gorgeous landscape and close proximity to beaches, the town is also home to culinary delights like homemade sausages, cheeses, and fresh olive oil. Additionally, the town has reinvented its old squares and streets in preparation for tours.

Most importantly, it's a safe environment to call home: Stefano Bascianelli, who works with Gatta, told CNN the town hasn’t seen a single crime in 20 years.

In order to take advantage of the opportunity, residents must be willing to live in Candela, rent a home there, and have a salary of at least 7,500 euros ($8,875) per year, according to CNN.

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