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From exploring the charming cities of Europe to the white-sand beaches of Santorini, an international getaway is always a good idea—plus there are some great deals right now! But traveling abroad comes with some important responsibilities. Here are 25 things you must do before you head out. [Small Business Trends]

If you haven’t had a chance to see Paris, you definitely should book a trip. But, until then, get a taste of living like a local in the City of Light by checking out the Paris Metro’s Instagram—it’s surprisingly beautiful. [The Verge]

Game of Thrones fans can now take the ultimate fan trip. Head to Spain for a 12-day GOT-inspired tour where you will roam the streets of Braavos, Dorne, and other show highlights. [Zicasso]

If you’re heading to London this summer there’s plenty to do. From temporary beach bars to once-in-a-lifetime dining experiences, don’t miss these warm-weather pop-ups. [Telegraph]

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