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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: January 21, 2017

Michael Grabois/Getty Images

PSA to all international travelers: if you’re traveling abroad be sure to check your foreign money before leaving. Getting stuck with what is called “outmoded” money—currency that has been dropped out of circulation—can leave you stuck with money you can’t use and can’t exchange back. [CNBC]

Even the most seasoned travelers are perplexed by the dos and don’t of tipping on the road. How much is expected? Who expects it? These questions maybe plague travelers around the world, but here are a few quick guidelines to keep in mind. [New York Times]

There are a lot of innovations changing up the world of air travel right now. From alternative fueled planes to unique cabin designs, here are five things that could change the way we fly. [CNBC]

This man made a costly mistake while visiting a restaurant during his travels to Scotland—he ended up paying $1.9 million for dinner. []

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