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Lindsey Campbell
May 25, 2016

The HyperLoop—you know, that insanely fast train that promises to get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes—is close to becoming a reality. So, of course, we want to know: what exactly would the inside of these supersonic trains look like? Thanks to a video released by the company you can get a peek inside the sleek interior.  [The Verge]


By now you may have heard TSA Lines are insane this summer, and despite a large increase in funding, attempts at remedying the situation have been unsuccessful.   Officials at the Atlanta International Airport are trying to change that. New screening systems automatically re-circulate bins after they are emptied, reroute suspicious bags to a new conveyor belt, and set aside an area for travelers who are slow to take off their shoes—all hopefully resulting in a speedier process. [CNN]


Getting the 411 on a potential hotel just got easier. Reviews from third-party sites will now show up on Google when you search for the property.  [Seround Table]


Self-driving cars may be a thing of the future, but people are using them right now. In fact, this guy trusts the technology so much he decided to take a nap. [Mashable]


Graffiti artist Banksy is known for his creative stunts. After all, the artist created an entire sarcastic Dismaland in England. But, this time, you can check out a collection of the latest pieces at an exhibition in Rome’s Palazzo Cipolla Museum. [NBC News]


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