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Haley Kalil; Myla Dalbesio; Paige Spiranac; Olivia Culpo
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It’s no secret long flights do terrible things to our skin. All that dry air at such a high altitude can seriously kill your glow. Luckily, we’ve consulted some jet-setting veterans (i.e. models) to weigh in on how best to stay hydrated on long plane rides. And no, it doesn’t involve slathering ourselves in [tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.amazon.com/Vaseline-Petroleum-Jelly-Original-Protectant/dp/B00AET70UA/ref=sr_1_3_a_it" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">in-flight beauty must-haves this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models swear by.

Do you have an in-flight beauty ritual?

Olivia Culpo: There are a few beauty essentials I always bring with me when I travel. It’s so important to have a really great lip balm. I am really loving the Tatcha Gold Spun lip balm and Burt’s Bees right now! When you’re traveling it’s so easy for your skin to become dehydrated, so I always bring a hydrating mist with me as well for my face. Skin Inc. makes a hydrating serum mist that is lovely. Anything that will make your skin feel clean and fresh while traveling is a great accessory to bring.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models' In-flight Beauty Routines
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To buy: Skin Inc. serum, sephora.com, $35. Tatcha Gold Spun lip balm, sephora.com, $30. Burt's Bees lip balm, amazon.com, $6.

Paige Spiranac: I always pack the same five products for every flight: Systane eye drops, hand sanitizer, Tatcha Skin Mist, Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes, and a Laneige lip mask. I never wear makeup when I fly, so these products keep everything hydrated and fresh.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models' In-flight Beauty Routines
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To buy: Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes pack of two, amazon.com, $9. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Mini, sephora.com, $20. Purrell Portable Hand Sanitizer pack of eight, amazon.com, $15. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, sephora.com, $20. Systane lubricant eye drops pack of two, amazon.com, $25 (originally $31).

Haley Kalil: Korean sheet masks are magic. Being on a plane for a long period of time can take the moisture right out of your skin, leading to peeling and breakouts. If you are on a flight and feel comfortable enough to pull out a Korean sheet mask, it is well worth it (even if you get some strange looks). Leave the mask on for 20 minutes or so, and your skin will feel moisturized and healthy upon arrival. If Korean sheet masks are’t your thing, drinking a lot of water while traveling will also help keep your skin hydrated and clear. When traveling, remember not to wear too much makeup (I prefer none at all), unless you are headed straight to a meeting or event upon landing. Letting your skin breathe will help keep your skin clear as well.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models' In-flight Beauty Routines
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To buy: Erborian Ginseng Shot Mask, sephora.com, $8. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution mask, sephora.com, $6.

Myla Dalbesio: I always wash my face before I head to the airport (or right when I get there if I am coming from a shoot), then slather on a thick face oil. Sunday Riley makes great oils that really last. I bring a little bottle of it with me in case I feel like I’m getting too dry on the plane. I also love the ginseng and cactus moisturizing mist from Kiehl's. My other favorites are natural eye drops, nasal spray, and Clinique’s All About Eyes cooling and de-puffing roller ball serum.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models' In-flight Beauty Routines
Credit: Courtesy

To buy: Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil, sephora.com, $90. Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage, sephora.com, $33. Kiehl's Since 1851 Cactus Flower & "Tibetan Ginseng" Hydrating Mist, sephora.com, $27.

What do you typically eat and drink on the plane?

Olivia: Drinking a lot of water is so important when traveling. Making sure to drink plenty of water is crucial for both your skin and your body. I actually feel less jet lagged if I drink tons of water. I also always try and take a banana and nuts on the plane and make sure I have plenty of snacks, especially if it's a long flight.

Paige: I don’t usually like to eat or drink on the plane. I’ll force myself to drink water to stay hydrated but I’m usually too busy sleeping or watching movies.

Haley: I absolutely love these kettle corn puff chips they serve on Delta flights. If I spy those in the snack basket, I’ll grab six or seven bags just to stock up. If they aren’t serving my favorite kettle corn puffs, the almonds are always a great healthy choice. I tend to avoid drinking too much soda while in the air, even though I absolutely love Coca-Cola. I drink water on the plane and will buy a soda upon arriving at my final destination. I also love bringing a hard candy to snack on during the flight. Sucking on lemon drops, Jolly Ranchers, or hard caramels are a great way to keep your ears from popping while changing altitudes. Plus, there’s nothing better than watching in-flight movies and eating candy.

Myla: I drink as much water as I can, but I also never say no to airplane wine. I try to pack a lot of healthy(ish) snacks: oranges or apples, nuts, popcorn. When I’m able to, I’ll pack myself a salad to eat on the plane. I use a hearty green, like kale, so it can stand up to being dressed ahead of time. The one thing I never eat is the “snack” that airlines provide before you land from an afternoon flight from Europe. Usually it’s some kind of sandwich that always makes me feel like vomiting upon landing.