Your friends, family, and significant other will thank you.

Man hand opening the door of the luxurious hotel room
Credit: Getty Images

If you’ve ever had to share a hotel room with a light sleeper, you know how difficult it can be to get dressed, take a shower, brush your teeth, or do pretty much anything else without waking them up.

You may put in your most valiant efforts to keep quiet as you slink from your bed to your suitcase to the bathroom in the stealthiest of stealthy moves — but no matter how hard you try, all your consideration seems to go to waste as soon as you sneak out of the room for a midnight snack from the vending machine, or for a head start on the complimentary breakfast.

Because whenever you open the door to the hallway, the latch will inevitablymake a loud click when you shut it behind you.

In the past you may have tried circumventing the noise by turning the door handle, retracting the latch, and easing the door back into its frame. But due to the door's locking mechanism, you'll have noticed that this first step — the turning of the door handle — is impossible.

Luckily, travel blogger Johnny Jet has found a way for you to leave your room without disturbing your mom, friend, or significant other (and risking their grumpiness later on).

If you need to head out while everyone in your room is still asleep, open the door and keep it ajar. Next, make as if you're unlocking the door to your room (by tapping your keycard against the magnetic lock or by turning the key in the lock, for example), and voilà: you can twist the handle and close the door with barely a peep.

Now your loved ones can get a few more minutes of shuteye while you go to town on those eggs, waffles, and coffee guilt-free.