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By Lindsey Campbell
July 05, 2016
Souvenir Shopping Peru
Credit: Getty Images

When you’re on vacation it’s easy to overspend. A small splurge at a local shop can give you that special getaway glow, but throwing caution to the wind can get you into trouble if you're on a budget. So, how do you stay on track and still get those special memories to bring home? Make a souvenir list: a plan of the things you’d like to buy on vacation. It will help you focus your travel spending. []

For a lot of kids, there is nothing more devastating than losing a favorite toy. When one little boy lost his stuffed elephant, his parents had to think fast: They told him his furry friend was traveling the world. After posting the story and a photo of the toy on Reddit, the Internet gave them a wonderful gift: photoshopped pictures of the elephant all over the world. [The Chive]

There are some things you can’t avoid when traveling for business — the most intrusive being that there are times you are truly unreachable. We’re all for a digital detox, but that time away can hurt your productivity. Here are five must-have gadgets to keep you in the loop when you can’t help but be unplugged. [INC.]

Does vacationing blow-dryer free send chills up your beauty-loving spine? We dare you to try it on your next vacation. Here’s a quick tutorial to let you air-dry your hair—while still taming that mane—no matter where you are. [Cupcakes and Cashmere]

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