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By Lindsey Campbell
June 21, 2016
Getty Images

If you aren’t one of those people who has been saving up credit card miles and points all year to splurge on a fantastic summer vacation, not to worry—credit card bonuses are your new best travel friend. Here’s how to save big and use them for your next getaway. [Huffington Post]

For adventurers looking to experience the natural beauty of the desert mountain valley of Spiti there’s a new hostel just for you. At an altitude of 4,720 meters, Zostel pairs funky accommodations with breathtaking views as the highest hostel in Asia. [ScoopWhoop]

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A cyclist in California has the surprise — and scare — of a lifetime. As he was mountain biking on Mills Peak trail near Lake Tahoe a bear crashed into him with trying to run across the trail. See the full story and check out the video, here. [Insider]

A fever, or large group of thousands of stingrays, was filmed off the coast of Tampa, Florida—it’s a pretty impressive sight. Take a look. [Digg]

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