How to Be a Vegetarian on the Road

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Years ago, if you had dietary restrictions, it used to be next to impossible to find a decent meal when traveling for business or pleasure. But now, many restaurants—and in turn, apps and websites—cater to folks with dietary needs, be they gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or kosher eaters.

T+L Senior Editor Jacqui Gifford spoke to about some of the best solutions for finding the right foods for you on the road. Here, she shares five tips:

  1. Turn to for comprehensive restaurant listings. This world’s leading website and app for veggie eaters has you covered around the globe: features include interactive maps with easy filters to help you find the meal you’re craving, save favorite eateries to your smart phone, and browse for dining spots from Buenos Aires to Bali.
  1. Enlist your hotel concierge. These staffers are there for a reason: they know their city, and their neighborhood. Call the concierge before you check in to get some great local advice on where to dine. Specify if you’re up for going far afield from the hotel, or just need something quick and easy around the corner.
  1. Visit a local farmer’s market. Do some advance scouting online, or again, talk to your hotel concierge, and seek out where some of the best farmer’s markets are. You’ll be able to pick up fresh produce and snacks that suit your needs—and store them in your mini-bar.
  1. Seek out ethnic restaurants. Many cuisines, including Thai, Indian, Mexican, and Greek, are known for having standout vegetarian dishes. Check local listings in advance for these types of restaurants.
  1. Get creative with salads and side dishes. If you’re in a pinch, and a client or friend insists on going to a steakhouse—don’t freak out, chances are, there will be something for you on the menu. Most restaurants have become wise to the fact that customers often have restrictions, and are happy to turn a salad into an entrée size portion or hold the cheese if you’re a vegan.
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