Interior of hotel room
Credit: Getty Images

Previously, we shared how to book the safest room in a hotel. As we all know, there's a limit to how many people can stay in one room (i.e. not everyone). We recently stumbled upon an ex-CIA operative's hotel safety checklist on Entrepreneur—Drew Dwyer's nine-step tally is a great reference for everyone from frequent business travelers to families traveling in a group.

Spending a night in an unfamiliar room is daunting enough—making sure you're aware of all your surroundings will immediately put you more at ease. One simple thing you can do: Dwyer suggests obtaining a copy of the fire escape plan, an especially good idea for those traveling with young kids. Buying a motion sensor that can be attached to a doorknob is another pro tip—if anyone tries to enter through the door, the alarm will sound alerting you to any potential intruders. A few simple safety measures on Dwyer's list: keeping the blinds drawn at all times, keeping a light on when you're not in the room, displaying the Do Not Disturb sign when you're out, and keep a flashlight a short distance from the bed for late-night checks. For the rest of Dwyer's tips, head on over to Entrepreneur.

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