Fun fact: 98 million people will be traveling this holiday season.

Holiday travel airport
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Traveling during the holidays requires a bit of know-how, from the best way to pack the perfect carry-on to the most popular vacation destinations that offer amazing winter deals. Don't let the crazed crowds and flight delays get you down this year—we can help keep your spirits high (or at least keep the in-flight conversation interesting).

In an effort to bring a bit of fun back to the daunting task of holiday air travel, we've pulled together 25 facts ranging from the serious (the best time to book airfare over Christmastime), the fun (how many issues of T+L were sold last holiday season), and the downright silly (seasonal foods the TSA will confiscate). Read on and prepare to amaze your unsuspecting seatmate with your newfound knowledge: Mara Sofferin

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