By Erika Owen
December 14, 2016
Travel New Zealand Like A Hobbit
Credit: Maria Sward/Getty Images

To celebrate being cast as the leading location in the hit movie series “Lord of the Rings” 15 years ago, 100% New Zealand is helping potential visitors get in the Middle Earth mindset with a series of features that'll help you decide what to do on your next trip.

If New Zealand wasn't already at the forefront of your vacation plans, it will be after taking a virtual trip through some of the country's most beautiful places.

Ahead, find out what kind of Middle Earth traveler you are, and get a personalized itinerary.

The Real Middle Earth

You first stop is exploring the real-life attractions you can find in New Zealand. Because as much as we'd all like to believe there are hobbits roaming the hilly landscape, you're going to have to watch "Lord of the Rings" to get that fix. Head to the Real Middle Earth portal to explore the country's famed movie locations and more.

The Quiz

There's a quiz 100% New Zealand put together that'll help you decide what exactly your regional travel style is. The options: Hobbit, Wizard, Dwarf, or Elf. You can find out which one you are on Middle Earth quiz page.

Personalized Itineraries

Once you've got your travel character down (I got Dwarf), 100% New Zealand put together personalized suggestions for things to see on your next trip. If you're a Wizard, they suggest heading to Hooper's Inlet, Milford Sound, taking a horseback tour of Cardrona, and checking out the Church of the Good Shepherd in Christchurch, among other spots. Elves: head to the country's many woodlands and waterfalls. Hobbits are encouraged to start in Hobbiton (of course) and head to the Misty Mountains or Tongariro National Park. Last, but certainly not least, Dwarves are directed to Lonely Mountain and the Canterbury plains before exploring the underground treasures New Zealand has to offer.

The best part? The group has put together a packing list for each kind of New Zealand traveler.