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By Lindsey Campbell
Updated: January 21, 2017
Sascha Schuermann

Unsuspecting tourists are prime targets for thieves abroad. And, while you should always take extra precaution when in an unfamiliar area, these popular pickpocketing “hotspots” come with an elevated risk to visitors. [Design Taxi via Lifehacker]

This 19-year-old has just successfully summited Mount Everest, making her the youngest Australian to do so. Check out her story—and some pretty amazing photos—here. []

Some of the world’s most interesting architectural feats can be seen in bridges across the globe—and so can some of the most unique designs. From Twin Sales Bridge in England, to the Dragon Bridge in Vietnam, these are the weirdest bridges around. [The Weather Channel]

Summertime is almost here and that can only mean one thing: road trips. As you set off on your cross-country adventure make sure to add in a detour at one of America’s disappearing—read: old school and not fast-food laden—rest stops along the way. [The Guardian]

In case you missed it, yesterday was National Turtle Day. In an ironic coincidence, a tiny turtle fell from an overhead bin aboard an Australian flight from Melbourne to Hobart.  [Yahoo]

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