Things you can't miss in December, where to find the best New York City pizza, and more fun reads from around the web.

By Lindsey Campbell
November 30, 2016
13 High-Fat and Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

Good news, health enthusiasts: The low fat phase is officially over. Fat is back and more delicious than ever—healthy fat, that is. Here are 13 healthy high-fat foods you should be eating a lot more of. [Health]

Everyone wants to be happy, but for some people it just seems to come naturally. Want to change your outlook? These 11 habits of happy people are easy for anyone to adopt. [Motto]

It’s no secret New York City is known for its pizza—specifically Brooklyn. But, there’s much controversy over where exactly is the best place to go. So, we’ll let you decided for yourself. Here’s your guide to the best pizza place in each Brooklyn, neighborhood. [Food & Wine]

For beach bums, winter months can be tough. Gone are the warm, relaxing days of summer spent lying on the beach. But, all is not lost. There are ways to enjoy some time seaside without heading south. These 9 beaches are actually better in the Fall. [Coastal Living]

If there’s one thing the South takes seriously its food. And delicious fried chicken is no exception. From roadside shakes to full restaurants, here where to find the South’s best fried chicken. [Southern Living]

Winter is here and that means wandering around your favorite festive town with a cup of holiday cheer (also known as a peppermint mocha). But, those spirit-filled lattes come with an extra dose of calories as well. Here’s a healthier version of your favorite treat you can make at home. [Cooking Light]

No matter where the holidays take you there’s a lot to see and do in December. Here’s a list of the best things to experience this month. [Departures]