Because sometimes you need a little distraction.

By Lindsey Campbell
January 20, 2017
Get Your Mind Off Politics
Credit: Lacey Ann Johnson/Getty Images

A town in Wisconsin is dealing with more than slippery roads this winter. A section of highway in Dodge County was covered in red Skittles—headed to a cow farm?—making for a sticky (and colorful) situation. [Atlas Obscura]

Going on a long trip but still want to avoid checked bags and fees? There is a way to pack up to two weeks of clothing into a bag that will fit beneath the airplane seat in front of you. [Life Hacker]

If getting your health back on track is a priority for you in 2017, you may want to consider a health and wellness retreat. These spots are all you need to jump-start your resolution. [Departures]

Low cost airfare isn’t a thing of the past. Travelers looking to up their frequent flier miles should follow these five tips for snagging cheaper airfare every time. [Money]

Getting inspiration to keep your zen can be tough—life can get in the way—but this woman has found the secret to keeping positive: teaching yoga at 98-years-old. [Health]

Nothing can make a bad day great again quite like a delicious treat. This impossible cake is actually simply to make and will sweeten up any situation. [Real Simple]