The new feature recognizes that most people have a list of places they frequent.

By Jessica Plautz
May 10, 2017
Getty Images

According to Uber, its riders repeatedly use the service to go to a handful of places again and again.

The “Saved Places” feature will allow users to bookmark addresses they frequently visit (or plan to visit),

The app already makes it intuitive to hail a ride to a previous destination: Saved places takes it one step further. To add a new place, users can find the option to save as they're en route.

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To see the list of places that have been saved, users can select “Where to?” first, and then “more saved places.”

Uber isn't the only company to recently add a list to ostensibly make users' lives easier: Google in February added “Lists” as a simple option to plan out a trip or to share destination recommendations with friends.

The new feature available in the app beginning Wednesday, on both iOS and Android.