You Can Now Tell Your Uber Black Driver You Don’t Want to Talk Before You Even Get in the Car

You can also request what temperature you'd like the car set at before it arrives.

Uber car service
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When Uber first launched they had only one vehicle type, a black luxury car. Passengers can still book the high-end car service through Uber – now called Uber Black – if they’re willing to pay a little more. And as of today, the service is about to get even better.

The ride-hailing company is relaunching Uber Black with added features and improvements that The Points Guy reports will be rolled out today. Before being picked up, passengers can add their ride preferences into the app so the driver knows in advance if you want to chat or are looking for minimal conversation. Riders can also request a certain temperature or let the driver know if there will be luggage.

Passengers can expect a seamless pickup, with Uber announcing in March that only drivers with a rating of 4.85 or higher can drive on the Uber Black platform. Riders will also have extra time to get to the vehicle, with Black car clients getting 15 minutes instead of the normal five to get to the car and avoid the automatic cancellation fee. However, as The Points Guy notes, the driver will start the meter after waiting five minutes.

If anything goes wrong, Uber Black users will have access to Uber’s premium support line.

Uber explains on their website that with Uber Black, “you can arrive at your destination in style with a black-on-black luxury sedan (or SUV if you're lucky).” As part of Uber Black’s latest makeover, Uber will be implementing new vehicle requirements. According to reporting by The Points Guy, the company said cars must be “stylish later-model vehicles with extra legroom.”

With these changes being rolled out today, users should soon see new features when requesting an Uber Black.

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