Uber to Provide U.S. Drivers and Customers With Free Clorox Wipes

Forty percent of riders surveyed by Uber said they would use the rideshare service more if they had access to the cleaning supplies.

Uber riders will soon be able to use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes on their next ride, company reps told Travel + Leisure. Cleaning wipes will be provided for all cars in the United States.

Starting Monday, drivers will be able to confirm they have the wipes available in their cars, and customers will receive an in-app notification when they book a ride. Passengers can use the wipes to disinfect everything from seat belt buckles to window controllers and door handles.

"As folks across the country continue turning to Uber to get moving again, we're thrilled to be partnering with Clorox to ensure every driver in the U.S. has access to Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to help prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19," Jess Donald, the U.S. & Canada safety operations director at Uber, told T+L. "We know that trust and safety are paramount to both riders and drivers. That's why we're continuing to do everything we can to help power a cleaner, safer ride — from partnering with Clorox, to our mandatory mask policy for both riders and drivers, to eliminating transportation as a barrier to getting the vaccine, and so much more."

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The effort is an expansion of a pilot program, which was tested in five cities. The pilot found 40% of riders surveyed said they would use the rideshare service more if they had access to the cleaning supplies, according to Uber.

The Clorox wipes are in addition to Uber's COVID-19-era policies, including requiring drivers and riders to wear masks.

In addition to Uber, Clorox this week announced its Clorox Safer Today Alliance, partnering with United Airlines, Enterprise, and AMC Theatres in an effort to help disinfect high-touch surfaces.

"By extending our commitment to clean outside of the home, we believe we can make a real difference by helping those entering public spaces do so with enhanced safety and confidence," Tony Matta, the executive vice president and chief growth officer for The Clorox Company, told T+L in a statement.

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