Uber Italy
Credit: Getty Images

Don't count on taking an Uber from Prati to Trastevere anytime soon — or anywhere else in the entire country of Italy, for that matter.

A judge ruled against Uber Friday in a lawsuit filed by Italy's major taxi associations, according to Reuters, claiming the smartphone-based transportation company promotes unfair competition.

While Uber services have been legally limited in other European countries, this is the first time it has been blocked completely, including Black, LUX, SUV, X , XL, Vans, and Select. It is also banned from advertising its services in the country.

Italian taxi drivers have organized for many an Uber-related protest, including an official nation-wide strike in March, and a six-day strike in the end of February that led to clashes between drivers and police.

Uber's Italy unit is “shocked” and plans to appeal the decision, Reuters reported.