Trivago Ad
Credit: Trivago via YouTube

Do you ever get that weird feeling that you’re being watched?

Apparently, commuters on the London Tube get that feeling a lot — and with good reason.

Travel booking site Trivago must have upped their advertising space budget when they switched up their casting decision to feature an attractive, brunette woman as the face of the company.

Londoners are getting concerned with how many ads they’re seeing on their daily commutes — sometimes seeing multiple ads right next to each other.

“Getting the tube at the moment is essentially a bad dream where you're constantly being followed by the woman from the Trivago advert,” one commuter on Twitter said.

Everyone will be happy to know that the woman in the advertisement is not some omnipresent being here to steal our souls through enticing hotel deals. She’s actually a completely human, Australian actress named Gabrielle Miller.

Still, seeing this many advertisements in your daily run to the train can make you feel like you’re living in an episode of “Black Mirror.”

Plenty of Londoners are feeling the Trivago fatigue. Perhaps some new advertisements are in order.