Sports Decor on the Taipei Metro
Credit: Courtesy of TUOC2017

Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei has introduced a fun new way to ride around the city, transforming various carriages aboard the MRT Songshan-Xindian Line into different sports venues.

The creative designs include everything from a swimming pool to a basketball court.

The city's tourism board unveiled the new designs in honor of the Universiade competition taking place in the city from August 19-30, where university students from around the globe will compete in a variety of sports competitions.

Each of the cars are painted with lifelike details and eclectic 3D art designs that create fun optical illusions.

There are also handles in each of the carriages that include the game rules, history, and stories of Universiade so that riders can feel more immersed in the competition.

“Many people are still unfamiliar with — and have never stepped inside — some of the sports venues; by choosing to revamp a train — an everyday means of commuting, the public will have the opportunity to participate,” a spokesperson from Taipei’s Department of Information and Tourism said in an interview with CNN.

The world university games are organized by the International University Sports Federation, which is the first organization to lead university sports worldwide.

If you happen to be in Taipei, make sure to keep your eye out for the themed cars, which include a track and field court, soccer stadium, basketball court, baseball field, and swimming pool.