Emirati high-rollers are spending big on personalized license plates. 

By Tekendra Parmar / Fortune.com
November 01, 2016
Christian Aslund/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on fortune.com.

Dubai-based Indian property developer Balwinder Sahni considers himself “a simple man”—his two Rolls-Royce cars with single digit license plates not withstanding.

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According to the IndependentSahni paid $9 million during a government auction for a highly coveted number “5” license plate. He is one of several high-rollers in the United Arab Emirates doling out large sums of cash for single digit license plates.

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This isn’t even Sahni’s first. According to CNN, he spent $6.7 million to obtain a number “9” plate in a government auction last year.

Although, Sahni’s payments are quite large, they pale in comparison to the $14 million an Abu Dhabi businessman paid at a charity auction for a license plate baring the number “1” in 2008.

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For Sahni, the money he spends is a form of charity—in a country with no income tax—he sees his contribution to the UAE government auctions as a public service.

“I believe in giving back,” he told CNN. “This city has given me a lot.”