“It's about to go down.”

By Erika Owen
October 07, 2016
@steelers via Twitter

Self-driving cars are now a reality in a handful of cities around the world, although for the most part they are still undergoing road tests.

In August, Uber introduced self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, and two Steelers players—defensive ends Stephon Tuitt and Cam Heyward—took the technology for a ride. The video footage of the experience is definitely an ad for Uber, but they couldn't have picked two better people to play out the new process for taking a ride in one of these newfangled cars.

In Tuitt's words, “It's about to go down.”

There are two Uber representatives who took a ride with the football players, walking them (and us) through all of the elements of a self-driving car. So, if you've ever wondered how they work and haven't had the chance to ask, it's your lucky day: These two have a lot of questions, and they got all of the answers.