Uber Comfort falls between Uber X and Uber Black.

By Stacey Leasca
July 09, 2019
Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images

Uber launched its newest service, Uber Comfort, on Tuesday, allowing customers to request extra legroom, a specific car temperature, and other amenities right in the app.

“Whether you're transporting visiting family or in need of a little extra legroom after a long plane ride, Uber Comfort aims to provide you with an option for an elevated ride experience,” the company said in a statement.

Comfort will appear as its own category choice inside the app alongside Uber X, Uber Pool, Uber Black, Uber XL, and Uber SUV. The Verge reported that the new service falls somewhere between Uber X and Uber Black. It will be a fancier — but not the fanciest — service the company offers.

Uber Comfort comes just a few months after Uber began offering its “quiet mode” service. When that particular service is activated by a user, the driver will be alerted that the rider would rather not make chit chat on their ride. According to TechCrunch, some saw the new button as offensive to drivers — however, according to an Uber spokesperson, the added service is a big hit.

“The reception to Quiet Mode has been generally positive among drivers and riders,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch. “Riders appreciate the consistency and control they have over the type of their travel; business travelers, in particular, have shared how rider preferences have helped them be more productive en route to the airport, important meetings, or other work-related destinations.”

Both quiet mode and the new Comfort level not only allow riders to customize their experience but also allows Uber to charge just a bit more. In turn, that means it can better compensate its drivers for an improved user experience.

Uber Comfort is now available in 40 markets around the nation including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, as well as in the entire state of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Check your app to see if it's offered in your city.