By Cailey Rizzo
January 03, 2017

There are some urban legends that never die.

Whether it’s a story about a man who fell on the subway tracks or something more inspirational (like a slice of $1 pizza you won’t regret hours later), there are some special myths that stick in the minds of all city residents.

One such fantasy? Being able to cruise New York City streets without ever stopping for traffic.

One man just brought an urban myth to reality when he cruised through 240 consecutive green lights—without ever stopping—in Manhattan.

The entire drive took taxi driver Noah Forman approximately 26 minutes.

In 2014, Forman saw a video about a man who drove through 55 consecutive green lights in New York. He took it upon himself to beat that record and later that year, Forman made a video of himself driving through 100 lights in a row.

“But I wasn't satisfied with that number, these two years have gone by and much has changed, people are driving slower, stopping in random places, crossing four lanes of traffic,” Forman told Gothamist. “More trucks are out at night, a lot more uber cars are on the road...I was hoping to push my goal up to a large number like 500 green lights, but I'll settle for this.”

On December 6, at approximately 3:30 a.m., Forman sped through the streets of Manhattan without stopping until his 237th light.

Being able to drive through that many consecutive green lights takes quite a bit of planning—and luck.

The stop lights in Manhattan are timed with the speed the city expects cars to drives. So that means that by driving much faster than the speed limit (at a time when there are not many obstructions in the road), it’s not altogether improbable to be able to cruise for a while without stopping. It seems this is the strategy Forman went with.

You can watch Forman’s ride sped up to under five minutes, or if you really want to experience every second, you can watch the whole 26-minute video.