Man drives into river because GPS says to
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do you do everything your GPS tells you to do? Probably. Which is why a man driving directly into a river after receiving instructions from him GPS isn't entirely face-palm worthy.

The incident happened in the Chinese town of Anhui, after the driver's GPS directed him to a dot path that eventually ended in a river. According to Mashable, the driver told local police that he didn't note the dirt road becoming an actual river.

The police said that it took half of a day to remove the car from the river, with help from a bulldozer and a truck. Funny how 30 seconds of bad decision-making can take down an entire afternoon.

Let's take a minute to point out that the maps of China on many GPS devices are skewed — the country is full of copyrighted "fake" streets — so we could give this particular driver the benefit of the doubt on this one. Still, you'd think you would know when you start to tread tires in water versus dirt.

Moral of the story: if you see water ahead, best not to drive toward or in it. Keep to the roads, no matter what your GPS may desire.