India's New Bullet Train Will Travel Under Water

underwater train

When it comes to upgrading its train service, India goes all out. Not only is the country prepping for its first high-speed railway, but the new bullet train will also travel underwater. The Japan International Cooperation Agency, who is funding the project, revealed that 13 miles of the 315-mile route between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will pass from Thane creek towards Virar, via a submerged corridor.

Traveling at a maximum speed of 217 mph, the whole trip is expected to take about two hours. This is especially exciting considering fastest running train between the two cities right now is the Duronto Express, which takes seven hours.

The project, which is expected to begin by the end of 2018, is similar to the new Japanese bullet train (shinkansen) running from Tokyo to Hakodate, which makes use of the undersea Seikan Tunnel, reports the Japan Times.

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