A glittery bike lane—great for cyclists and Instagrammers.

By Erika Owen
Updated: October 25, 2016
Courtesy of TPA

When it comes to bike lanes, there's a lot to be desired. Sometimes a painted white line down the road just isn't going to cut it. That being said, we should all take a cue from Poland, who debuted an amazing new design at the end of September featuring glow-in-the-dark lanes. 

Courtesy of TPA

Here's how it works: The material used to create the lanes charges in the sunlight, collecting enough power to keep it shining at least 10 hours, plenty of time to guide night-riders safely to their destinations. You can find these lanes in Mazury, an area of Poland known for its thousands of lakes.

Courtesy of TPA

This design was created by TPA Laboratory, which is located in Pruszkow, Poland. The lanes are currently being tested for resilience, which will determine whether or not the increased construction expense of these lanes is a solution for more bike paths in the country—and hopefully around the world.