$300,000 Brooklyn parking space
Credit: © 2017 Google Maps

Head to Park Slope—a quaint neighborhood in northwest Brooklyn—and you'll find shops full of local goods, bookstores with that old paperback smell, and cozy restaurants featuring farm-to-table fare. Oh, and a parking garage with a $300,000 parking spot.

At 845 Union Street, this is considered a bit of steal, but not for any obvious reasons. Paying that much for a single parking spot might seem silly, but there's a lot of potential for one lucky person with $300,000 burning a hole in their pocket. The last time this parking spot went on the market back in 2013, it sold for $80,000, according to That's a value increase of almost four times. This is the same kind of growth you see happening with apartment buildings in New York City (don't try and act like you don't have a friend or a friend of a friend who complains about NYC's constantly rising rent).

It's not just a one-time cost, though. The person who buys this parking spot will also be responsible for a monthly maintenance fee of $240 and $51 in monthly taxes. The growing presence of apartment buildings and condos in Park Slope is also part of the high price on this car stall.

Never has there been a more "Brooklyn" conundrum: one-bedroom apartment super far away from the city, or conveniently located parking spot?