Enterprise is trying to get in on the subscription game.
Enterprise car rental
Credit: KAREN BLEIER/Getty Images

Car rental company Enterprise announced a new program that will allow participants car rentals, insurance and roadside assistance for $1,500 per month.

Subscribe With Enterprise” is a test program, currently only available to drivers in Minnesota, Missouri, and Nevada.

“We’re starting out in just three states to make sure we have enough time to develop a deep understanding of the subscription process and consumer preferences,” Randal Narike, Enterprise's executive vice president of operations, said in a statement.

Those who subscribe will be able to drive up to 3,000 miles per month, swapping out vehicles up to four times. (The standard allowed mileage for a leased car is 1,000 miles a month, or 12,000 miles a year.) Unused miles are able to roll over into the next month, meaning you can build up stores of miles.

The subscription fee will cover vehicles in six different classes: full-size and premium sedans, small and mid-sized SUVs, and small and medium trucks. Subscribers will get unlimited vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, damage and liability protection, Sirius XM Radio and a dedicated “concierge” phone line to call for reservations.

Vehicles can even be picked up or delivered, depending on your location.

A $250 enrollment fee applies. There is a minimum commitment of two months to join. And the monthly fee does not include taxes or additional fees, such as toll passes or tickets and citations.

The company is calling the program “the U.S. car-rental industry’s first vehicle-subscription service.” They are positioning the program as an alternative to leasing or owning a car.