By Erika Owen
August 17, 2015
Credit: Adam Burton / Alamy

Getting stranded with an empty gas tank is up there on every driver's nightmare scenario list—and it's no different for electric vehicle owners. While the technology hasn't quite progressed enough to make EVs the go-to car purchase, there's one country that's been experiencing a bump in interest this year: the U.K. According to a write-up on Fast Co. Exist, EV sales skyrocketed to 366 percent in the first quarter of 2015. A number like this gave the government enough push to create a more EV-focused agenda when it comes to reworking the country's roadways: the U.K. has plans to test electric highways that charge the cars as they drive.

Previously, the small number of EV owners has made it hard to initiate a grand gesture of convenience. That being said, the U.K. still has a thousands of chargers—a number that surpasses many other countries—available to eco-minded drivers and there are plans to place a charger along every 20 miles of roadway. Back to the new highway design: the entire construction would utilize an underground cable system that generates electromagnetic fields to be used to power the cars. The system—which is still being finalized—will undergo an 18-month trial period on a fake stretch of road. After that, the government will decide whether or not to expand the technology to the real highways.

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