Sometimes the road less traveled should stay that way.

Oslofjord Tunnel Norway via Google Streetview
Credit: Google

On Wednesday, a Turkish cyclist tried following a Google Maps route and ended up shutting down a 4.5-mile underwater tunnel in Norway.

The Oslofjord tunnel cuts underneath Norway’s Oslofjord and reaches a depth of 440 feet below sea level. There are three lanes of traffic in the tunnel — none of which were designed for bicycles.

Guards along the tunnel received reports about the cyclist on Wednesday evening and followed him via security camera. Once the tunnel’s path changed from a decline to an incline he “suddenly stopped and sat down, so we closed the tunnel,” a guard told VG News.

“The man did not seem to have much experience in cycling long distances, and especially not up hills,” the guard said. “He had a three-kilometre long incline ahead of him.” The guard added that sharp gusts of winds from passing trucks made the situation ever more dangerous for the cyclist.

Police went on a rescue mission from both sides of the tunnel and reopened the roads as soon as the man and his bike were in a police car. The tunnel was closed for about 30 minutes.

The man only spoke Turkish but was able to show police that he ended up in the tunnel after following Google Maps directions. No charges were pressed against the cyclist.

This isn’t the first time that Google Maps has led tourists astray in Norway. Earlier this year, a small village reported being overrun by tourists looking for a scenic cliff almost 20 miles away.