These are the cities with the world's cheapest and priciest cab fares.
Hailing a Taxi in New York City
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What you’ll end up paying for a cab can vary greatly from one country to another due to local regulations.

To help travelers get a sense of what they can expect to pay around the globe, U.K. online car dealership Carspring has put together a 2017 Taxi Price Index.

The index breaks down the costs across 80 of the world’s most visited cities and includes the cost of hailing the cab (the initial hire costs), the cost per kilometer, the cost of any waiting time (any period of time where the cab isn't moving but you still have it for hire), and the fare to take a taxi from the airport to the city center.

Carspring also calculated what the fare would be for a 3-kilometer ride (about 1.86 miles) in each city using data provided both by local cab companies and tourism boards.

Here are the top 10 cities with the most affordable fares when it comes to the rate per kilometer.

Cheapest Cities for Cab Fares

1. Cairo, Egypt: $0.10 per kilometer

2. Bangkok, Thailand: $0.18 per kilometer

3. Moscow, Russia: $0.27 per kilometer

4. Mexico City, Mexico: $0.28 per kilometer

5. Jakarta, Indonesia: $0.30 per kilometer

6. Bangalore, India: $0.30 per kilometer

7. Mumbai, India: $0.32 per kilometer

8. Beijing, China: $0.34 per kilometer

9. Bucharest, Romania: $0.35 per kilometer

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: $0.36 per kilometer

Cairo had the world’s most affordable taxis, costing just 10 cents per kilometer of travel, while a cab ride from Cairo International Airport to the city center was also the cheapest airport-to-city ride on the list at just $4.20.

Taxis in Egypt
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Meanwhile, several cities in Europe proved to be pricier choices, with the top two most expensive cities hailing from Switzerland.

Take a look at the most expensive locations to take a taxi below.

Most Expensive Cities for Cab Fares

1. Zurich, Switzerland: $5.19 per kilometer

2. Geneva, Switzerland: $3.32 per kilometer

3. Tokyo, Japan: $2.92 per kilometer

4. London, England: $2.89 per kilometer

5. Berlin, Germany: $2.36 per kilometer

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: $2.36 per kilometer

7. Cologne, Germany: $2.34 per kilometer

8. Copenhagen, Denmark: $ 2.31 per kilometer

9. Antwerp, Belgium: $ 2.25 per kilometer

10. Stuttgart, Germany: $2.25 per kilometer

Zurich was the city with the highest initial fee of any city, with a cost of $8.30 just for getting into the cab.

Taxis in Zurich
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Carspring also found that customers who ask a taxi to wait for them for one hour would pay the most in Zurich, at $82.96.

Tokyo was the only city outside of Europe to make it on the list of the most expensive fares, with a ride from Tokyo-Narita International Airport to the Tokyo city center costing $189.91.

“Nothing beats the relief of hopping into a comfortable taxi after a long day of sightseeing in a new city,” Maximilian Vollenbroich, CEO of Carspring, said in a press release. “But in some cities, this simply isn’t affordable and in other places, tourists are at risk of being overcharged; we hope our research helps travelers prepare for safe, fun, and budget-friendly travel in whatever ride best suits them."

The full index also includes the popular model of taxi you'll find in each city, so that travelers can be aware of potentially unlicensed drivers.

Taxis in London
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Tipping practices can also vary from one place to another, making this handy guide a great quick reference if you're wondering whether or not to leave a tip at the end of your ride.