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By Lindsey Campbell
August 23, 2016
Link Roundup
Credit: Photography taken by Mario Gutiérrez.

When you’re planning a trip it’s common to crowd source ideas for places to visit and things to see. But when friends start throwing tons of “must-see places,” at you the planning can start to get overwhelming. Follow this quick Google Maps trick to keep track of all the places you want on your itinerary. [Insider]

Are you one of those people who forgos a carry-on in lieu of fitting in all the products needed for your full beauty routine? On your next vacation you may want to rethink your tactic. Here, a compelling argument for leaving your foundation at home. [Cupcakes and Cashmere]

Working remotely can be a blessing and curse. The flexibility of location offers plenty of opportunity for exploring the world, but keeping focus can be tough. Here, 4 successful remote workers share their best tips for staying productive out of an office. [INC]

Whether you’re earning cash back or free travel, one thing we can all agree on is credit card perks are great. After all, choosing the best card for you can make a world of difference. But ever wonder how those rewards are funded? Get the full explanation here, plus why they could be disappearing. [Forbes via Lifehacker]

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