Google Wants to Help You Travel More This Summer With New COVID-19 Safety Features

Stay in the know wherever you go.

As the weather warms up and the demand for travel increases, more and more people are looking to get out and explore. To help, Google unveiled a suite of products to help them do just that.

The search giant gathered all its best resources to ensure its users can safely navigate the world with up-to-date COVID-19 information in the palm of their hands. That includes new updated search information, destination ideas, and even road trip readiness guides.


While using Google to search everything from flights, hotels, or activities in different areas, Google will now display COVID-19 travel advisories or restrictions for the destination you're searching. "Now, we're adding more travel restriction details, like whether you'll need to quarantine upon arrival or provide proof of test results or immunization records," Google explained in a blog post.

Google will even make this information available right in your Gmail inbox. As it explained, users can track advisories or restrictions by toggling over to "receive an email if this guidance changes." The user will then be notified directly if and when restrictions are "added, lifted, or reduced. These updates are country-specific, with state-specific information available in the United States."

Google Maps travel resources shown on a laptop
Courtesy of Google

Destination ideas

Not sure where you want to go on that first post-pandemic trip? Google Flights wants to help with its Explore map function. It shows the flight prices for different destinations that may pique your interest.

"Now, Explore has its own tab on and has been redesigned so you can browse more than just flights," Google says. "You'll see more destinations on the map — including smaller cities and national parks — and if you have a certain type of trip in mind, you can filter destinations for interests like outdoors, beaches, or skiing."

Again, after selecting a destination, Google will share any relevant advisories or restrictions along with suggestions for hotels, activities, and more.

Road trips

It's almost summer, which means the all-American road trip is back. Google can help you plot the perfect route on its desktop version. All you need to do is "enter your starting point and your final destination, and at the top of the map, you can choose from different types of places to stop like hotels, parks, campgrounds, and rest stops. Select a specific location and add it as a stop."

Once you're done, you can send the directions to your phone and have it handy on the road. You can also easily change the route on the go so you can head to wherever the road takes you. See more about these tools on Google now.

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