OK Google, let's travel.
Google Home First Review
Credit: Courtesy of Google

Since its rollout in November of last year, Google Home has served as a valuable resource for travelers of all kinds, from the solo business flier to the family vacationer. The voice-activated speaker and home assistant can check your flight status, find restaurants anywhere in the world, and even teach you some new phrases in a foreign language.

And now it can also track plane ticket prices so users can find the best price for their upcoming trips.

The Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, and it works by voice commands, starting with “OK Google.” To track flights, users simply start by asking, for instance, “OK Google, how much are flights to Paris?”

Google Home will then follow up with questions about which dates you hope to travel and send you an email to confirm your price alert. Voilà.

Google Flights will then send emails about the proposed trip whenever the price changes significantly, so users can make an informed decision about when to buy and when to fly.

Other helpful travel capabilities of the device include the ability to inquire about visa requirements in specific countries, find up-to-date currency conversions, and search attractions in a particular country or city.

Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa can perform similar tasks when it comes to finding restaurants or information about a destination, but neither have price-tracking abilities.

Alexa has an edge over Siri when it comes to apps and travel-oriented tasks, as it can call an Uber or Lyft ride if you're rushing to get to the airport. Like Google Home, Alexa can also get translations and track existing flight reservations.