The founder of Peek, a tour- and activity-booking website, on how our screens will shape where we go next.

Q: What travel-tech innovations are on the horizon?

A: Mobile is big. Everyone is walking around with a computer in hand. Small companies can run their businesses on the go, and consumers can book online, whether it’s an activity, a hotel, or a car. Real-time availability will mean a profound shift to more last-minute planning and instant booking. You can see that with HotelTonight, and it will continue.

Q: What travel dilemma would you like to see addressed?

A: Researching your travel is still tremendously cumbersome. Companies will start utilizing social networks to find out about your friends and their preferences to help anticipate what you want to do. The danger of all that is it may prevent serendipity.

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Q: How are travelers changing?

A: People are realizing that experiences like rock climbing or learning to surf make them a lot happier than buying products. People used to think that a new handbag would make them happy, but that’s changing.

Q: Which trend needs to go away?

A: A focus on deals. The impression of value isn’t always accurate when you look at the fine details.

Brooke Porter Katz is an Associate Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @brookeporter1.