A new study reveals that a majority of airline cabin crew breaks the in-flight rules.

Flight Attendant Interview questions
Credit: Getty Images

A new study by Jetcost.co.uk reveals that 89 percent of airline cabin crewmembers have broken the rules during flight. Most notable: Of the 718 British flight attendants surveyed, 21 percent said they had "indulged in sexual relations with a colleague during a flight" and 14 percent said they’ve engaged in sexual relations with passengers.

Still, the most common act of rule breaking, according to the study recently reported by The Telegraph, is lying about the availability of things like duty free products. What’s more, 20 percent revealed they’ve short-changed passengers by giving change in a different currency and relying on the fact that most passengers don’t count their change.

Seven percent of all cabin crew said they’ve accepted tips and gifts from passengers. Want more air personnel confessions? Right this way.