Here's your round-up of need-to-know travel news and daily delights.

By Lindsey Campbell
October 03, 2016
Getty Images

From their favorite airports to the drinks to avoid on a plane, we’ve heard plenty of tips and tricks from flight attendants and pilots over the years. Here, we take a look at a few more secrets travelers will want to know. [Men’s Health]

It seems personal space in an airplane is getting smaller and smaller. From shrinking bathrooms to crazy cabin designs, the air travel experience has changed a lot over the years. This website took a look back at the average interior of a Boeing 747 in the ‘70s—it’s pretty  clear why flying may have been a bit more comfortable back then. [Vintage Everyday]

In our mind the perfect travel jacket would have just enough pockets for everything we need—passport, tickets, iPhone/iPad, maybe even a few snacks. But, for pet lovers, the perfect jacket would probably have this: a huge pocket made for snuggling your pets. [Good Housekeeping]

Ever dream of owning your own island? You’ve probably imagined it located somewhere in the Caribbean or off the coast of Australia. But, this beautiful island might change your mind—it’s actually in Montana. [House Beautiful]

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